Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Our Company

Welcome to the official Future Care Enable website. We offer the best care service. We are here to help. We have all the information that you need about us. Read About Us and Frequently Asked Questions below. 

About Us

FUTURE CARE ENABLE Ltd is a company offering specialist supported living services, We provide a comprehensive range of support services directly to the client, also is a specialist domiciliary care provider that offers personal, individualised care to people living in their own homes throughout Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas, who require additional support to maintain their independence ,and also who have been identified by the Local Authority as capable of living in their own accommodation although with known support needs.

We offer a robust and efficient support programme to such individuals, both in their own accommodation and through support in the community in conjunction with professional Consultant involvement to create and develop on-going support with each individual.

We are a CQC registered independent healthcare provider, with extensive experience and expertise in the care sector. We promote a holistic approach to care, which upholds values of client independence, choice, safety, dignity, and respect.

Our team of carers consists healthcare professionals, qualified healthcare and social care assistants, support workers, and specialists in a range of care fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

- How long does it take to start a care package?

A - You will receive a free initial assessment to fully understand the type of package you will like to go for, the assessment can be done after contact with us depends on your availability. You can book a care package in advance, it may be weeks or months in advance.

Q - Is there a minimum amount of care that I can request?

A - Our packages start from anything between an hour shopping or domestic call a week to full twenty four hours to sleepover.

Q - Which are do you cover?

A - Milton Keynes

Q - How much will it cost?

A - As we are a small organisation, our budgets are controlled locally rather than nationally. This enable us to offer highly competitive rates and you will find our prices amongst the lowest available in Milton Keynes.

Please kindly contact us for a quote.


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